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Call for scores & Commission

for composers '17


The selection process of the applications received for the International Call For Scores & Commission 2017 ended. The selection committee reviewed applications from:


143 composers

(a total of 278 works)

  from 34 countries

The 2017 applicant pool was strong and included a high number of exceptional entries, making the decision process quite challenging. We would like to THANK all composers who sent in their music and trusted us with it. ilSUONO is grateful for the interest shown to he call and is responding by offering TWO commissions this year (2018).


We are super pleased to announce and congratulate the two commissioned composers (in alphabetical order):

 Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (Spain, 1992)               Dimitri Papageorgiou (Greece, 1965)

                            Read about Nuño here...                                                                   Read about Dimitri here... 

Each of the two commissioned composers will receive the prize of €400 to write a brand new work for ensemble Suono Giallo. The world premiere of the new works will be hosted at the 3rd edition of the ilSUONO Contemporary Music, which will take place in July 14-22, 2018 in Città di Castello, Italy.


The committee would like to give special recognition and praise to the following composers, whose music shows work of exceptional merit (in alphabetical order):

Giulio Colangelo (Italy, 1986)


Stylianos Dimou (Greece, 1988)




Yu Kuwabara (Japan, 1984)

João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal, 1959)

Claudio Panariello (Italy, 1989)

Giovanni Santini (Italy, 1986)

Andrew Watts (USA, 1989)


We are excited to announce the following works have been selected to be included in the repertoire of ensemble Suono Giallo and its concert programs for the following season. Information about the scheduled performances will be eventually announced. 

due forme dell'insonnia (2017) for sax, perc, pno

by Marco Longo (Italy, 1979)

L’erotisme sacré (2012) for fl, pno, and elec

by Taylor Brook (Canada/USA, 1985)

l'œil brisé (2017) for sax, perc, and elec

by Yiqing Zhu (China, 1989)

will the voice remain the same (2015-17) for fl, sax, perc, pno

by Charles Kwong (UK/Hong Kong, 1985)

Piccolo inventario degli insetti (2017) for fl, sax, perc, pno, and elec

by Claudio Panariello (Italy, 1989)