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N.M.I. - Nuova Musica Insieme
with the friendly support of
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We are proud to announce that the N.I.M - Nuova Musica Insieme project developed together with the friends of the GAMO Ensemble has received the support of the prestigious Ernst von Siemens Foundation.
World première at

Gamo International Festival

December 23, 2021 - Sala Ketty La Rocca
Murate Art District - Firenze

N M I - Nuova Musica Insieme
Premio Gamo Musica 2021 to Mark Andre

GAMO Ensemble
Suono Giallo Ensemble
conductor Francesco Gesualdi
Sara Minelli (GE), Andrea Biagini (SGE) - flutes
Michele Bianchini (SGE) - sax
Marco Facchini (GE) - violin
Ilaria Baldaccini (GE), Simone Nocchi (SGE) - piano
Nicola Tommasini (GE) - accordeon
Omar Cecchi (GE), Laura Mancini - percussion
Giacomo Piermatti (SGE) - double bass
Musiche di
Jan Kopp: Klappen*, for 8 musicians
Mark Andre: iv 12, for soprano sax
Gianluca Ulivelli: Contorni senza immagini*, for 9 musicians                                                                   
Mark Andre: iv 11, for piano (Ilaria Baldacini)
José Luis Torá: specchi a la figura (Così nel mio parlar) * for 9 musicians
Mark Andre: iv 1, for piano(Ilaria Baldaccini)
* prima esecuzione assoluta
*with the friendly support of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Three international commissions that show the different artistic-aesthetic paths of three composers all coming from the school of Lachenmann: Gianluca Ulivelli, Josè Luis Torá, Jan Kopp. The concerts will be completed with music by Mark Andre, also Lachenmann’s student, who will be awarded the Gamo Musica prize. The project will also include educational activities held both by composers and musicians.The project is inspired by the idea of starting and consolidating a collaboration between GAMO and Suono Giallo to promote the diffusion of contemporary music and is aimed at improving listening capabilities with traditional and innovative vehicles for both senior and younger generations, called to discover the charm and complexity of contemporary music.  The objective of the three new commissions is that of giving an overview of part of the European panorama of contemporary music by composers who developed original and innovative aesthetics and styles even though they share the educational background of studying with Lachenmann. 
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